Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LED for All




“I urge you all to use LED bulbs, save money, save energy and take part in helping our nation.”

Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister

Hon’ble Prime Minister, on 5th January 2015 launched Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LED for All (UJALA) program. Under UJALA scheme, LED bulbs, LED Tube lights and Energy efficient fans are being provide to domestic consumers for replacement of conventional and inefficient variant

Till date, over 36.70 crore LED bulbs, 72.09 lakh LED Tube lights and 23.41 lakh Energy efficient fans distributed by EESL across India. This has resulted in estimated energy savings of 47.98 billion kWh per year with avoided peak demand of 9,747 MW, GHG emission reduction of 39 million t CO2 per year and estimated annual monetary savings of INR 19,156 crore in consumer electricity bills.

The procurement price of LED bulb has dropped significantly due to aggregation of demand from INR 310 (Jan. 2014) to INR 39.90 (August 2019) Technical specification of LED bulbs being distributed has been enhanced from 7 W to 9 W and 85 lumen / W to 100 lumen/ W respectively The program has been able to engage with common man in a significant scale and so far, more than 9 crore consumers have taken the benefit of using these LED bulbs thus making it the largest non-subsidy based LED lighting program in the world

EESL has embraced norms of transparency in all its operations. The procurement of LEDs is done through an open e-bidding process and the information about the program is disseminated through a website www.ujala.gov.in which monitors the real time progress of the UJALA scheme. The site also provides information about the places where these bulbs are made available, quality control measures and results of independent verification of savings done from time to time