Agriculture Demand Side Management


AgDSM Programme

About AgDSM

Agriculture Demand Side Management (AgDSM):

EESL is implementing the Energy Efficient Pump Programme to distribute BEE 5-star energy efficient agricultural pumps and ensures a minimum of 30% reduction in energy consumption with smart control panels which can be remotely operated to enhance the ease of operation of pumps by the farmers. Pilot projects has been completed in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Rajasthan.

EESL is focusing on the following agriculture intensive states in Phase-1 of the AgDSM project and rest of the states will be taken-up in next phase- “1. Andhra Pradesh 2. Uttar Pradesh, 3. Maharashtra 4. Gujarat 5. Haryana 6. Jammu & Kashmir 7. Madhya Pradesh 8. Punjab 9. Karnataka 10. Jharkhand 11. Rajasthan”.

The AgDSM project for replacement of old pumps with BEE 5 Star rated pumps has started from the state of Andhra Pradesh and as on date total 81,180 no. of pumps have been installed in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.