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Electric Vehicles Programme

About EV

National E-Mobility Programme:

Government of India (GoI) approved the National Mission on Electric Mobility. Hence considering huge market potential and aspiration of GoI to take leadership in enabling e- mobility in India, EESL/CESL has got directions from Ministry of Power to enter EV domain considering demand aggregation. Subsequently, E-Mobility Programme was launched on 7th March 2018 by Hon’ble Minister of Power, New and Renewable Energy.

The objective of this programme is to provide an impetus for Indian vehicle manufacturers, charging infrastructure companies, fleet operators, service providers, etc. to gain efficiencies of scale and drive down costs, create local manufacturing facilities, grow technical competencies for the long-term growth of the electric vehicle (EV) industry in India and to enable Indian EV manufacturers to emerge as major global players.

• Building on FAME-II Scheme of NITI Aayog, CESL is deploying 2-wheelers, 3- wheelers and 4- wheelers mobility solutions through lease/buy options, setting up solar car-ports and public charging infrastructure. CESL aims to create a suite of awareness building, O&M, scrapping value optimisation and financing schemes by stacking central/state/OEM offerings to reduce upfront costs by 40%.

• Till date, CESL have deployed/Under deployed more than 1,956 nos. of 4W EVs with more than 180 clients which includes various ministries/government dept. both Central and State, PSUs, Autonomous bodies, shared mobility operator etc.

• Under the aegis of electric mobility, CESL is also working aggressively to install public charging stations across the country

Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure (EVCI):

EESL is developing Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure and has signed MoUs with multiple stakeholders across municipalities, DISCOMs for locational assessment study and setting up of charging infrastructures in their jurisdiction location. India’s first public charging plaza at Chelmsford Club, New Delhi was inaugurated on 20th July 2020. The charging plaza can charge 14 e-cars at the same time.

Till date, 441 nos. of Public Charging Stations (PCS) have been installed across India of which 294 nos. are operational and rest are in the process of pre-commissioning.