Global Presence

Global Presence

UK & Ireland

“In the UK, EESL is committed to promote and implement low carbon, energy-efficient, renewable energy solutions in both the public and private sectors. We have formed a JV, EESL Energy Pro Assets Ltd (“EPAL”) with Energy Pro Asset Management Ltd (“EPAM”) and through that JV have made the following acquisitions:”

Two operating companies which have energy services contracts in the education and leisure sectors.

A stake in a grid scale battery storage project in Canada.

Edina, a market-leading provider of distributed generation and cogeneration solutions.

EESL is now promoting tri-generation using Edina technology in India to address the national need for more sustainable cooling technologies.

We are reviewing opportunities to capitalise on our strengths in LED procurement at the lowest costs. We have also collaborated with the Indian High Commission in London to implement a comprehensive retrofitting of their lighting with LEDs.

EPAL is exploring opportunities in energy services, LEDs, biomass boilers and smart meters and is interested in collaborating with companies active in these and related fields.


Edina is a leading supplier, installer and maintenance provider for combined heat and power (CHP), gas, and diesel power generation solutions. No other UK manufacturer in our market sector is more committed to offering such high levels of quality, reliability and customer service.

We’re the official distributor in the UK and Ireland for market-leading MWM gas engines and have access to the full range of global diesel prime movers and alternator manufacturers to suit your individual diesel power generation requirements.

Our in-house production facility based in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, manufactures bespoke control panel systems and containerised generating units that are designed to expedite site installation, provide low maintenance cost and ensure maximum plant availability.

We’re able to supply a single generator or multiple generator configuration to support your power requirements. From a natural gas CHP generator to include diesel generation to support mission critical sites we deliver the full EPC turnkey contract.

We add value by delivering the complete project. From design and manufacture to project management, installation, commissioning and maintenance of your power generation project it’s all from one point of contact that offers a unique blend of constant, ongoing support linked to consistent value.

Year-on-year, Edina has achieved continued growth and we have developed a proven track record in delivering, and maintaining, a portfolio of high profile and award-winning projects across the UK, Ireland and Australia. Read more about Edina at


EESL engagement with Thailand started in 2016 at the invitation of the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) to explore the potential for creating an energy efficiency market in the country. EESL was contracted by GGGI to carry out energy audits for 220 industries in the SME sector.

In August 2019, EESL initiated the Thailand Energy Efficiency Program (TEEP) to address the financial barriers faced in replacement of inefficient equipment (lighting and air conditioning) in the hospitality and industrial sectors, towards reducing the energy costs of the companies. EESL is implementing the program in partnership with the Thai Hotel and Hospitality Management Association (THMA) and Energy Conservation Center of Thailand (ECCT). EESL will provide 100% upfront investment for procurement of the appliances, redeeming 30% of its investment through an upfront payment from hotels. The remaining 70% will be paid to EESL in up to 20 instalments based on monetized energy savings over a five-year period.


EESL has signed an agreement with Green Growth Asia (GGA) on 1 November 2017 for the supply of 3 million LED bulbs in the state of Melaka in Malaysia ($3.9m). The UJALA scheme has been launched in the Melaka state by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Melaka, Malaysia on 6 September, 2017.

EESL commercially supplied 1200 20W LED Tube lights and 600 9W LED bulbs to the Indian HighCommission in Malaysia in Dec 2017


EESL has signed an MoU with the state-owned Utility of Vietnam (EVN) on 9 December, 2016. Afeasibility study has been completed for EVN’s National Program on DELP with assistance from theUnited Nations Environment Program (UNEP). The report has been accepted by EVN. EESL hasretrofitted conventional lights with LED lights in the Embassy of India, Hanoi and

Consulate General of India in Hi Chi Minh City. A DELP project for 1.6 million LED bulbs in Vietnamwith partial support from UNEP is under discussion.


EESL has signed an Mou with the Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA), Bangladesh on 5 October, 2016 for technical cooperation and implementation of energy efficiency projects.

EESL has successfully installed 519 LED Street lights with 24 Centralized Controlling & Monitoring System (CCMS) panels under the LED Street Light project of the Tungipara Municipal Corporation in March 2017. EESL has also supplied 52,500 9W LED Bulbs in March 2017 to Tung para Municipal Corporation under its UJALA scheme.


EESL has supported the Government of the Maldives in the adoption and proliferation of energy efficient technologies. EESL has equipped households in Male City Council with 0.2 million 9W-LED bulbs and has retrofitted 2,500 conventional lights with Smart 24W-LED streetlights. Each 9-W LED bulb has replaced a 100-W conventional light, while each 24-W streetlight has replaced a 40-W tubelight. This programme alone is pegged to enable Male City Council to save approximately 66.61 million kWh of energy annually, which translates to monetary savings of 291 million MVR (Maldivian Rufiyaa) per year and an annual reduction of approximately 54,616 tonnes in carbon emissions.

EESL has also proposed replacement of 147,000 smart meters across the Maldives. It also seeks to replace existing streetlights in every island with solar streetlights and is currently targeting replacement of over 25,000 lights. This move can enable the savings of 60% on energy costs being incurred on streetlights. With electric vehicles carving a niche for themselves in the climate change initiatives across the world, EESL also aims to supply 21 electric vehicles and 12 charging stations to the government departments of the Maldives, enabling them to save an estimated 40% in fuel costs.

EESL also sees potential for energy efficient facade lighting of the President’s house, President’s office and the Islamic Centre in Male.


EESL has signed an Agreement with the D&D Patnaik Group Company on 11 November, 2016 toundertake business development activities and act as sub-contractor for EESL in Cambodia andVietnam.


Pilot projects on LED lighting (Domestic & Street) under the financial assistance of the Ministry ofExternal Affairs ($1.2 million) including for parliament building have been submitted to the Embassyof India, Yangon. EESL has received the project to install 3,756 Energy Efficient LED streetlights atNay Pyi Taw in Myanmar.

Sri Lanka 

EESL has signed an MoU with the Presidential Task Force-Energy Demand Management, EfficientEnergy Use and Energy Conservation (PDF – EDME & EC), Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy,the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka on 7 November 2016. Under the MoU, EESL will co-develop a strategic partnership to jointly work in the areas of energy efficiency and OperationalDemand Side Management.

EESL shall provide inputs to “PTF – EDMEE I&EC on technology business models and “PTF-EDMEU&C”and make efforts to introduce such solutions, if found technically feasible, economically viable and ina manner acceptable to the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority under its context of EnergyEfficiency and Management.


EESL has signed the agreement with the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) on 24th March 2017 tosupply 20 million 9W LED lamps.

Saudi arabia

EESL has signed an agreement with TARSHID (National Energy Services Company) in October 2017 toreplicate India’s successful Street Lighting National Programme in Saudi Arabia. As a strategicpartner, EESL is offering consultancy support to expand TARSHID’s capacity in the field of energyefficiency.

EESL has helped TARSHID in developing, managing and delivering a comprehensive program toretrofit street lights across the Kingdom in coordination with the municipalities, ministries and otherdevelopment authorities.

EESL has helped TARSHID in drafting the robust technical specifications and scope with 10-year-contract, including the latest technologies for fault detection and remote controlling & monitoringsystem. The first project of 35,000 energy efficient street lights has been successfully completed.This has led to an additional project to retrofit 200,000 street-lamps in five major cities includingDammam, Khobar, Dhahran, Al Ahsa and Sakakah. The expected energy saving in the first phase ofthe project in those cities is 70 to 77 percent of the current electricity consumption, amounting to314 million units.

EESL is also helping TARSHID In setting up the ecosystem of prominent manufacturers in KSA byarranging the visit of Indian manufacturers in the KSA. This ambitious program will cover nearly 2million street light poles all over the kingdom.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

1. Strategic Partnership with Al Etihad Energy Services LLC (Super ESCO of Dubai), owned by the Government of Dubai, UAE
EESL has forged a robust strategic partnership with Al Etihad Energy Services LLC, recognized as Dubai’s Super Energy Service
Company (ESCO) and proudly owned by the esteemed Government of Dubai. This collaboration is driven by a shared commitment to
enhancing energy efficiency and fostering sustainability initiatives throughout the Middle East.
Our collaborative efforts extend across various key areas, with a primary focus on:
• Street Lighting PPP Projects: Implementing innovative solutions for energy-efficient street lighting projects.
• E-mobility: Spearheading initiatives to advance electric mobility solutions in the region.
• EV Charging Infrastructure within a PPP Model: Developing and implementing electric vehicle charging infrastructure through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model.

This partnership signifies a strategic alliance aimed at pioneering advancements in the energy sector and contributing to the sustainable development goals of the Middle East.

2. Strategic Partnership with Ras Al Khaimah (Ras Al Khaimah Municipality), UAE
EESL has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Ras Al Khaimah Municipality, operating on a Government-to-Government
(G2G) basis. This comprehensive partnership encompasses collaborative initiatives in the following key areas:
• Industrial Energy Efficiency: Implementing measures to enhance energy efficiency in industrial processes.
• Efficient Appliance Program: Introducing and promoting energy-efficient appliances to drive sustainable practices.
• Utility Scale Solar: Collaborating on the development and implementation of utility-scale solar projects.
• E-mobility: Joint efforts towards the advancement of electric mobility solutions in Ras Al Khaimah.

EESL is working closely with the Ras Al Khaimah Municipality’s Energy Efficiency and Renewables Office (REEM) to identify and pursue diverse opportunities. This collaboration is strategically aligned with Ras Al Khaimah’s vision and overarching strategy for the year 2040, emphasizing a sustainable and energy-efficient future.

Climate Change, Clean Energy and Sustainability Services

Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a joint venture of public sector undertakings under the Ministry of Power, Government of India, has a proven track record of forging new frontiers in global energy efficiency services markets. We have successfully deployed our market transformation approach to the UK, Middle East, South Asia, and South-East Asia. Our energy efficiency initiatives have cumulatively led to energy savings of over 58 billion kWh and a reduction of over 46 million tonnes of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across the globe.

We have created a collaborative approach that can be aligned to local needs and is rooted in
affordability and the ease of scaling up. This approach – one marked by deep partnerships with
stakeholders in partner countries, actionable insight based on local needs, and the assurance of proven economic and social benefits model – has defined our role as a preferred enabling partner for countries that want to scale up their energy efficiency.

Our global, multidisciplinary team combines our experience with climate change and sustainability knowledge and experience in a variety of domains. You will receive tailor-made service supported by global methodologies to address issues relating to your specific needs. EESL Consultancy Services can put together the right team of professionals equipped with the specific skills and knowledge base that you need, to support you in reaching your sustainability goals. Our team members have extensive experience in energy efficiency projects, sustainable development, and green investment strategy advisory services.

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