Decentralized Solar Power Plant Programme

DSPPP Programme

About EESL Solar Programme

India, with its large population and rapidly growing economy, needs access to clean, cheap and reliable sources of energy. India lies in the high solar in solation region, endowed with huge solar energy potential with most of the country having about 300 days of sunshine per year with annual mean daily global solar radiation in the range of 4-7 kWh/m2/day.

Considering India’s huge solar capacity and need to have access clean, reliable and cheap electricity, EESL’s Solar Programme offers uniquely designed solar PV based solution for the DISCOM, Government, Industry, Institutions, retail etc. consumers by means of establishing solar PV based power projects.

Our offerings:

i. De-centralised Solar PV based Power Projects

Under this Program, EESL and DISCOM/GENCO/Industries/Institutions etc. will sign a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) as per which decentralised solar PV based power projects ranging from 0.3 MW to 10 MW are being developed in vacant/un-used/excess lands near to/within the premises of DISCOM substations. Power generated from these decentralised solar PV based power projects would be fed to Agriculture feeders, this in turn, will benefit the farmers, DISCOM and the nation in following ways but not limited to:

Quality and reliable day time electricity to farmers

Savings on the Transmission network cost, reduced T&D losses for DISCOM

Contribute to the nation’s vision of 100 GW solar capacity by 2022 and will act as a catalyst to enhance India’s position as a global green power

EESL will undertake the financing, design, engineering, manufacture, supply, installation, testing, commissioning including Operation and Maintenance for project period of 25 years. The energy exported by the decentralised solar projects will be paid by DISCOM/client at a tariff equal to or lower than the CERC/SERC determined levelized tariff on monthly basis for a period of 25 years.

In this regard, EESL and MSEDCL have already signed a PPA for 500 MW decentralised solar projects in Maharashtra. At present, around 100 MW cumulative decentralised solar projects have been installed and commissioned in Maharashtra. EESL is in the process of executing the similar agreement with several other DISCOMs/State Government/Clients.

ii. Rooftop Solar PV based Power Projects Program

Under this Program, EESL will undergo an agreement with Govt. departments, industries, retail etc. consumers for setting up rooftop solar PV based projects majorly under CAPEX and OPEX models. EESL will undertake the design, engineering, manufacture, supply, installation, testing, commissioning including Repair & Maintenance for 5 years (Under CAPEX model) and Operation & Maintenance for 25 years (under OPEX model). The client/rooftop owner will make the complete investment in case of CAPEX model whereas in OPEX model, EESL will be carrying out the investment and maintain the plant(s).


EESL has an ambitious target of setting up of around 2000 MW solar projects by 2021 which translates to a generation of around 3066 GWh of clean electricity and avoidance of around 2.5 Million tonnes of CO2 on annual basis. Decentralised solar projects would ensure the solarisation of agriculture feeders thus, empowering farmers by means of reliable electricity for farming etc. activities. Also, these solar programs will be lead to a lesser burden of electricity generation on State Government. Thus , reducing the subsidy burden on the State Government. DISCOMs will also avoid T&D losses & cost of network augmentation.