Special Instructions to Bidders Regarding E-Tendering

ENERGY EFFICIENCY SERVICES LIMITED has decided to do procurement through e-tendering. The NIT is available on website http://www.eeslindia.org/User_Panel/TenderNoticeView.aspx Bidders can be registered on the website http://www.eesl.eproc.in by payment of one time registration fee of Rs. 5000/- through DD in favour of ‘Energy Efficiency Service Limited’ EESL has appointed M/s C1 India Pvt. Limited, Noida as Implementing agency for carrying out e-Procurement. Also, as per IT ACT 2000, use of digital signature certificate shall be mandatory for participating in e-tendering process.

Registered bidders with EESL will be able to download the tender documents for participation in the tender and submit their bids online. The tender submission, tender closing and opening will be done electronically and online. Subsequent to Price Bid opening, online reverse auction may take place at the sole discretion of EESL.

Following are the contact details for e-tendering process

a). Energy Efficiency Services Limited b). M/s. C1 India Pvt. Ltd., Noida
Mr. Rajneesh Rana/ Mr. Kumar Saurabh/ Mr. Nitin Gupta
General Manager (BD & Contracts)/ DGM (Tech & Contracts)/ Manager (Contracts)
Energy Efficiency Services Ltd.
(A JV of PSUs of Ministry of Power, Govt. of India)
5th & 6th Floor, Core-3,
SCOPE Complex, Lodhi Road,
New Delhi -110003
Contact No-011-40190610/620
E-Mail: rana@eesl.co.in/ksaurabh@eesl.co.in/ngupta@eesl.co.in
For any assistance/clarification during registration/ submission of bids, etc.
Mr. Sandeep Bhandari

M/s. C1 India Pvt. Ltd,
Gulf Petro Chem Building,
Building No. – 301, 1st Floor,
Udyog Vihar Phase – 2
Gurgaon - 122015
Tel No. 0124-4302000
Mb. No. 8826814007
Email: Sandeep.bhandari@c1india.com, eeslsupport@c1india.com
For Digital Singed certificates
Mr. Sandeep Bhandari

M/s. C1 India Pvt. Ltd,
Gulf Petro Chem Building,
Building No. – 301, 1st Floor,
Udyog Vihar Phase – 2
Gurgaon - 122015
Tel: 0124-4302000
Mb. No. 8826814007
Email: Sandeep.bhandari@c1india.com, eeslsupport@c1india.com
Website: www.eeslindia.org, Portal for e-tender: https://eesl.eproc.in
  • All the bidders participating in the online e-procurement have to abide by the process involved in the entire workflow of the e-procurement.
  • EESL is not responsible for any mistake made by the Bidder at the time of bidding process. In case any bidder submits an invalid bid due to any reason including typing mistake / human error, such invalid bid will be disqualified and such bidder shall not be allowed to further participate in that tender. The remaining process shall be completed considering the other valid bids.
  • It is mandatory for the bidders to use a class III digital certificate issued by any Indian C.A approved by CCA of India as per IT act 2000 in all their bidding Process.
  • It is the entire responsibility of the bidders to protect their own login id and Password and keep their digital certificate safe so that is not misused by any other person. EESL will not be responsible for any such act.
  • Tender Schedule: The notice of issue of enquiry and detailed schedule for downloading the NIT documents, submission of bids, tender closing, tender opening and subsequent clarification/amendment in schedule etc. shall be on EESL website.
    Note: After expiry of date & time for a particular activity/tender as mentioned above, that particular activity cannot be done unless the schedule for the same is extended/amended. Similarly no activity can be done before start date & time specified for that particular activity unless the schedule for the same is preponed/ amended.
  • The activity defined for bidders are Download of Tender document, Bids Preparation and submission of Online bids, Uploading of bids, Reverse Auction (if applicable) etc.
  • Tender Opening: The tenders will be opened electronically by EESL from Noida office in the presence of representatives of Bidders who wish to attend the price bid opening. The submission of bids may however be done by Bidders from their office or from place of their choice for preparation and submission of their bids. However bids cannot be submitted after the bid submission due date & time as per the schedule.
    Price bid of all the bidders who are techno-commercially suitable/acceptable as per the qualification requirements, technical specifications etc shall be opened electronically. In case EESL wants to go for reverse auctioning then bidders shall be allowed to participate in the Reverse Auctioning upto the level of L6.
  • Place for conducting Reverse Auction:The eligible bidders can participate in the online Reverse Auction from any place of their choice and need not to visit EESL office for this purpose. Price bid of all the bidders who are techno-commercially acceptable shall be opened electronically and such bidders upto the level of L6 shall be allowed to participate in the Reverse Auctioning. The password and User ID for this activity shall be allotted to eligible bidders later on before start of reverse auction.
    Though a vendor need not visit EESL office for participating in this tender but in case we opts to have negotiations with the Lowest bidder (Lowest bidder after conclusion of Reverse Auction), such negotiations shall be held at EESL corporate office, Noida only. Prior intimation shall be given for the same.
  • Starting/Base Price for Reverse Auctioning: The Opening Price/base price for Reverse Auction will be informed after the Opening of Price Bid. This shall be the lowest landed (FOR Destination) rate received against the initial price bids submitted by participating bidders.
    The Duration for the Event would be for 30 min.. If any supplier tries to bid in the last 3 minutes then the Bid Duration will increase by 3 minutes. However EESL reserves the right to modify the process with pre-information to bidders if need so. Bid
  • The contract shall be finalized on unit rate basis.
  • EESL will not be responsible for any delay, loss or non-receipt of EMD sent by post/courier. The EMD should reach the EESL office before the Bid Opening date. Bids not accompanied with the requisite EMD may not be opened.
  • EESL reserves the full rights to reject or accept any tender in full or in part without assigning any reason.
  • SYSTEM FAILURES AND REMEDIAL MEASURES THEREOF/COURSE OF ACTION TO BE FOLLOWED : EESL shall make all out efforts to rectify the problem(s) leading to system failure during the live tendering. However in case the system could not be restored within the reasonable time period as deemed fit by EESL, the following remedial measures shall be taken under such an eventuality:
    Problem(s) Action
    1. Tender is prepared and released but Bidders are not able to submit their bids The due date of closing/opening shall be extended suitably.
    2. Bids have been submitted but the same cannot be opened by EESL. The due date of opening shall be extended suitably.
    3. Bids including price bids have been opened and reverse auctioning could not start. Under such eventuality, the reverse auction event shall be rescheduled and the new schedule shall be informed to all the bidders who have participated in the tender & submitted their bids online.
    4. Reverse Auctioning (RA) started but failure occurred before completion The reverse auction event shall be suitable extended/ shall be restarted again after rectification by giving a new schedule for the same, which shall cover the left over time period as per the original schedule. On restart of reverse auction the last R1 price received during reverse auction at which the reverse auction event got terminated, shall be the starting price.
  • SUBMISSION OF TENDERS : The tenders will be submitted on line on the website https://eesl.eproc.in. No oral, telephonic, telegraphic tenders or tenders submitted in hard copies/physical form will be entertained.

    All tenders should be submitted online digitally signed and sealed by using digital certificate.

    Tenderers are requested to scrutinize the terms and condition of this tender thoroughly along with the General Terms and condition etc. as given in tender documents.

    No amendment to the tender would be admissible under any circumstances, whatsoever after the closing date and time of receipt of tenders.

    THE RATES QUOTED MUST BE PER UNIT BASIS/ or as asked in the bid.


  • COMPENSATION FOR SUBMISSION OF TENDERS: The tenderer shall not be entitled to claim any cost, charges, or incidentals for/or in connection with the preparation of and submission of their tenders, though EESL may withdraw invitation to tenders, or reject any, or all tenders without assigning any reason thereof.
  • CHANGES IN TENDER SCHEDULE: EESL reserves the right to change/amend the tender schedule (date and/or time) and shall intimate all the tenderers well in time by email / fax / telephonically, of such changes along with notice of revised schedule. However, it shall be the responsibility of the bidder to visit the designated website regularly as per the time schedule to get the details of any such changes, as the same shall be available against this tender on the said website. EESL shall not be responsible if a bidder is not able to participate in any activity related to this tender due to change in tender schedule.

    For reference bidder may take the print-out of all the above conditions.

  • REGARDING GST No. DETAILS : GST No. is mandatory to be provided, in absence of which EESL will not able to process the request for registration. Bidders are also advised to mention the contact details and PAN No. behind DD.
On behalf of EESL,
Kumar Saurabh
DGM (Tech. &Contracts)

I hereby Accept and Agree to all the above conditions