Central Control and Monitoring System

Spearheading the country’s street lighting national programme, the SLNP executed by EESL has set a target of retrofitting 14 million street lights by 2019 with energy efficient LED bulbs.

The energy savings for a specific project depends on various factors, including existing lighting technology, new lighting technology, control strategies, and charging the illumination level during retrofits. Holding true to EESL’s vision of heralding future-ready technology that boost efficiency and profit rates, EESL’s LED lamps have a Central Control Monitoring System (CCMS), which allows remote monitoring and operation of the installed street lights.

This ensures that street lights are automatically switched on once the sun sets, and switched off after dawn. The system also sends alerts for each light that needs attention, to reduce failure and the need for sudden repair. Therefore, the avoided capacity of electricity can be ascertained from the reduced consumption of electricity. The system also helps note the exact consumption of energy, which is used to define the cost to be paid.