About Energy Efficient Buildings

Buildings Energy Efficient Programme

Amidst rapid economic growth and urbanization, India’s buildings sector is anticipated to record the world’s fastest surge in energy consumption through 2040. The sector consumes over a third of India’s electrical energy, to meet the growing demand for lighting, space heating and cooling.

While there is a clear need for bringing the benefits of energy efficiency to the buildings sector and reduce its financial and carbon costs, this goal faces both technical and financial barriers.

In response, EESL’s Buildings Energy Efficiency Programme offers a uniquely designed solution for buildings of the government, industry, and institutions to implement and retrofit energy efficient appliances and systems at affordable prices.

Bringing affordable energy savings to India’s buildings

EESL has applied its proven model of demand aggregation as a means of ensuring affordability for the energy efficient appliances, implementation, and systems maintenance it offers the buildings sector. Till date, we have signed agreements to unlock the dormant energy efficiency potential of over 15,000 buildings including railway stations across India. Not only is our programme unlocking their energy efficiency potential at a significant scale, but also ensuring economies of scale for the appliances, systems, and services it offers. The cost effectiveness, and high rates of returns in the form of savings on electricity has created a market momentum in the commercial buildings space. With the promise of a lifetime of energy savings, EESL has made it feasible for buildings to implement these retrofits at a significantly higher scale than before.

Our offerings

i. A business model that suits diverse building efficiency needs

Its approach offers two attractive pathways to clients: Energy Service Company (ESCO) Model, where EESL bears the entire upfront cost, is repaid via monetised energy savings; and Project Management Consultancy, where EESL is fully paid for its strategic input, implementation, and equipment maintenance. With its pan-India network of regional offices, EESL ensures that its clients have access to last-mile delivery and real-time availability at locations across the country.

ii. Building Management System

As part of our Buildings Energy Efficient Programme offering, we give building facility managers access to a Building Management System to track power consumption in real-time and identify how they can cut down power wastage from lighting, audio-visual and information technology equipment, and other appliances left on when not in use. Additionally, the system also provides data-driven insights to optimise energy management strategies and minimise operational costs. The system can also give facility managers a snapshot of energy use comparison, energy cost comparison, and an overall energy sustainability report.

Target: 20,000 energy efficient buildings by 2020

We aim to bring energy efficiency solutions to 20,000 large government and private buildings by 2020.

With an investment of around INR 2,000 crore (USD 30.8 crore), we will retrofit around 2 crore LED lights, 25 lakh energy efficient ceiling fans, and 2 lakh energy-efficient ACs. EESL’s programme will be expanded to include centralized air conditioning, Energy Audits, and New Generation Energy Management System.

So far, more than 10,000 buildings (including railway stations) have already been retrofitted with energy efficient appliances.