About Energy Efficient ACs

EESL Super-Efficient Air Conditioning Programme (ESEAP)

India’s air-conditioner purchases are expected to contribute to the nation becoming the world’s largest consumer of new electricity demand between 2017 – 2040.

The cost of cooling India

As air conditioning demand, and its penetration in a country which has crossed a record 50°C temperature increases, it will substantially contribute to electricity consumption. Simultaneously, it will ramp up the carbon cost of electricity consumption, and the emissions from air conditioners, even with current efficiency protocols in place. The refrigerants from air conditioners and refrigeration are estimated to add another 14-27% to the rising global warming.

A new era of energy efficient cooling

To address these aspects, India requires highly efficient ACs that work above the highest energy efficiency ratio [EER] of 3.5 – while also being affordable. Super-efficient air conditioners, benchmarked even higher than the prevailing ISEER 5.0 rating can address these issues. Towards this goal, we are working with manufacturers to bring super energy efficient air conditioning technologies to the market under our EESL Super-Efficient Air Conditioning Programme (ESEAP). Created to fulfil superior technical specifications, these devices would help to tackle the challenge of cutting GHG emissions amidst an increased demand for ACs and the electricity needed to run them.

Future-ready cooling

Our ACs will be available with a three-year comprehensive warranty (including a five-year warranty on key components), enabling consumers to save their electricity bills with its 5.2 ISEER offering. We are offering the ACs to institutional consumers, to achieve a transformation at scale, and limit the peak energy demand to 90GW by boosting savings.

Our ESEAP offering

We offer delivery, installation, and after-sales support. To meet the nationwide demand, we are working to identify urban and rural distribution infrastructure. For institutional orders from large organisations like banks and PSUs, we will undertake ACs replacement, free of charge. Additionally, our benefit sharing B2B model will reduce power bills over the next five years.


We will deploy Super Energy Efficient ACs to institutional buyers at the same cost as market prices, in a move that will cut electricity bill by about Rs. 11,162 (USD 1,719) per annum with wattage at 1000 W, and emissions by 1000kgs a year. By leveraging the economies of scale that arise from bulk procurement, we can also transform the Indian air conditioner market and democratise access to cooling.