About Energy Efficient ACs

A first of its kind initiative, enabling more cooling at a lower cost – for both customers and climate

Air conditioners are anticipated to consume 45 percent of Indian households’ power demand by 2050, increasing expenditure for consumers and contributing to global warming. With the goal of integrating energy efficiency into India’s cooling sector, Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) has initiated a first-of-its-kind Super-Efficient AC programme.

Better cooling and more savings

Consumers will be able to buy the superior Super-Efficient Air Conditioners distributed by EESL at prices comparable to the most energy efficient ACs in the market. These Super-Efficient ACs will provide 1.5-TR cooling capacity at high ambient temperature; in contrast, ACs currently available in the market degrade their cooling capacity as room temperature increases. The superior ACs consume about 750 kWh/annum; whereas conventional ACs consume 1160 kWh/annum. As a result, the new AC line-up will enable consumers to save up to 40% in cooling energy costs. Further, the new ACs will use 100% copper coil and additional anti-rust coating, enhancing product longevity.

More comfort with hassle free services

Along with significant savings, EESL is also offering a hassle-free service experience, comprising complaint redressal support during the life of the programme, attractive EMI options through selective banks, and a buyback option for customers looking to upgrade their AC.

EESL has signed MoUs with Tata Power, BSES Rajdhani and BSES Yamuna Power to deploy Super - Efficient ACs and other energy efficient Appliances to consumers under their jurisdiction. The pilot program will target deployment of 50,000 ACs of new high energy efficiency technology i.e. 5.4 ISEER and an environment-friendly refrigerant. Till date, over 210 Super-Efficient Air Conditioners have been deployed. To cater to consumer demand and increase outreach, the programme is being launched in new cities in a phased manner. Apart from offering an array of benefits, the programme also enables consumers to participate in India’s climate change movement.

Available at the click of a button

The ACs are being sold through EESLmart.in, a dedicated easy-to-use website where customers can make orders and payments. The ACs will be delivered at the customer’s doorstep and installed by professionals within 72 hours. To order the ACs, consumers will need to follow a simple 3-step process on the website. Consumers need to review the product, select the offered services and check-out with necessary personal details (name, complete address, mobile number, email) before making the final payment via the bank’s gateway.