Innovate to Inspire India’s energy transition

October 4, 2018

According to a recent statement by the International Energy Agency[1], innovation ranks among the many “intangible assets” shaping the future's energy technologies. It is the heartbeat of problem-solving, giving it a well-earned place in international energy budgets through investments in areas like software, R&D, data, communication and outreach.

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Pushing the envelope on energy sustainability

March 24, 2018

International energy analysts have forecast 2018 to be a promising year for the energy efficiency sector, capitalizing on the momentum of growth generated since 2000. And they have good reason: a 2017 International Energy Agency report declared that the world had used 12% less energy than it would have without energy efficiency interventions, utilities in the West are increasingly investing in energy efficiency, and consumer demand for energy efficient variables to appliances has become mainstream in developing and developed markets.

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Motoring in an Age of Energy Efficiency

February 27, 2018

Industry in India has historically used IE-1 and inefficient motors, which have an inferior standard of efficiency. Due to usage over a significant number of years, these motors experience frequent downtime and repairs, further reducing their efficiency.

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Future-ready and scalable energy efficient solutions are key to sustainable growth

November 21, 2017

The rapid and ill-planned race to grow has brought the horrors of global warming upon the world. That climate change is a global phenomenon that impacts the poor and the vulnerable is the most worrisome fact. However, this adversity also presents an opportunity for innovation, that strikes a balance between growth and sustainability. An inclusive and sustainable growth can only be ensured by breaking away from conventional business models and adopting transformative solutions.

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A disruptive business model: The missing link for India’s green goals

August 31, 2017

Climate change is the biggest challenge facing humanity in the next few decades. The world's most aggressively developing countries, including India and China, also rank among the biggest CO2 emitters.[1] Underpinned by technology disruption, the world has seen rapid economic growth. Disruption also holds the key to matching economic growth with sustainability.

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