Other Locations

State of Melaka, Malaysia,EESL has achieved yet another massive feat with the launch of the UJALA scheme in the Malaysian State of Melaka. EESL plans to distribute about one million 9-watt LED bulbs, which will replace 18-watt CFLs. The initiative will have logistical assistance and facilitation support from Green Growth Asia, which is a not-for- profit organization.

Under this scheme, each household in Melaka will get 10 high quality 9-watt LED bulbs at a cost of only RM 10, which is a special price and is almost half of what is being offered in the market. The distribution of these LED bulbs will take place from 28 Japeruns which are unique community welfare and engagement centers situated across the Melakan State.

UJALA’s impact in Malaysia will bring about clean energy and contribute to climate change mitigation targets. With a significant switch to LED bulbs, Melaka will be able to reduce carbon emissions by around 19,000 tonnes per year. Being an innovative zero-subsidy model, this scheme will help reduce the subsidy burden of the State Government.

Thailand plans to explore opportunities in the energy efficiency realm with EESL. In Sri Lanka, we plan to supply 10 million LED bulbs. Nepal has sought 10 million units of LED bulbs and plans to initiate EE programmes like smart metering and street lighting. Bhutan also plans to replace their domestic lightings. Bangladesh has approved a pilot project to install LED bulbs in the Tungipara municipality of Gopalganj district.


With rapidly increasing population coupled with soaring energy prices, the electricity demand of Saudi Arabia is growing at a rapid pace. According to the estimates by the World Bank, the electricity generated in Saudi Arabia completely relies on non-renewable sources like oil, gas and coal sources 1.

In a unique engagement, The National Energy Services Company of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia sought to collaborate with EESL to replicate India’s successful domestic and street lighting programme. Through an MoU, EESL will provide consultancy and expand the capacity of the National Energy Services Company, which was instituted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to execute energy efficiency programmes.