How EESL Works (Business Model)


EESL has designed an innovative business model that is transparent, scalable, flexible, and can seamlessly embrace different and emerging technologies in a manner that incentivises all stakeholders. The transparency and flexibility of the business model obviates the need for public funds as an enabler, while delivering outcomes in a time-bound manner. The business model has the power to unlock demand in sectors where none has existed before. By deploying this business model, EESL drives large scale initiatives, creating a market for transformative, future-ready solutions.

EESL’s business model’s key pillars are Innovation, Transformation and Transparency.

Enabling More:

More Innovation

  • Future-ready solutions with cutting-edge technology
  • Self-sustaining business model
  • Leaders in energy efficiency

More Transformation

  • Creating new markets
  • Affordability and accessibility of pioneering technology

More Transparency

  • IT-enabled accountability
  • Performance-based outcomes