Friday 23 June 2017  IST
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Event 2
Title of the Side Event:
Tapping Green Bonds to finance India’s INDC

Thematic Focus
To highlight the potential of green bonds in financing India’s climate mitigation related targets and to showcase the Energy Efficiency Services Limited’s (EESL) portfolio of energy efficiency programmes in the areas of LED home and street lighting, Ceiling fans, agricultural pump-sets, SMART Grid AMI and other planned demand side management applications as potential green investible ideas.
The objective of the event will be to discuss the role of Green bonds in channelizing private sector investment towards achieving India’s climate change mitigation goals in the context of the changing climate finance landscape.
EESL’s recent experience shall be shared in scaling up an energy efficiency portfolio, its relevance to international investors looking for an investable energy efficiency portfolio, the event will address the benefits of Green bonds, risk mitigation and lessons learned from an investors perspective.
The event will also discuss the climate mitigation portfolio potential especially the investment pipeline in energy efficiency and renewable energy in India, providing investors insights to current day concerns and priorities, and how bonds could be structured to attract greater private sector participation.
Potential Contribution
COP 22’s focus is on operationalizing the Paris agreement by mobilizing and accessing climate finance for mitigation and adaptation in developing countries. The role of innovative financial instruments such as green bonds to access climate finance will be discussed.
The Indian capital market is relatively new to green bonds, and the event will discuss parameters that influence investor decisions, including underlying project portfolio, cash flows, credit ratings, risk allocation, financing instruments, hedging costs, and monitoring and reporting arrangements including Green certification.
International experience with green bonds and lessons for India – expected benefits to issuing institutions and corporates, the need for credit enhancement and risk mitigation, addressing investor concerns, models that have seen success.
The event would be of relevance to other developing economies similar to India, especially developing African and South East Asian countries, in executing similar initiatives. The fact that EESL is in the process of setting up operations in Africa and other places to replicate its Indian success story in designing and implementing business models on energy efficiency, would be good news to governments and further whet investor appetite.
Proposed List of Participants
2nd  Half of F/N session: Tapping Green Bonds to finance India’s INDC
Sr. No. Proposed Participant Thematic area and Topic Covered Proposed Time
  Moderator- Axel Olearius, Head Climate Policy Support Programme, GIZ Panel Introduction 11:35-11:40
1 GIZ India (Ashish Chaturvedi) Green bonds Landscape: market barriers; incentives to scale up; role of private sector in India 11:40-11:50
2 EESL (Shankar Gopal, Chief General Manager, Finance) Appetite and green bonds to fund energy efficiency programs 11:50-12:00
3 Standard Chartered, Gaurav Bhagat, Executive Director Why energy efficiency is ripe to invest: Merchant Bank perspective 12:00-12:10
4 The World Bank Group, Xueman Wang, Coordinator, Global Platform for Sustainable Cities Structures to address investor concerns– credit enhancement, green certification, and other risk mitigation mechanisms 12:10-12:20
5 Climate Bond Initiative, Sean Kidney Green verification methods– Cherry-pick a green energy efficiency portfolio 12:20-12:30
  Panel Discussion- Tapping Green Bonds to finance India’s INDC
Moderator- Axel Olearius, Head Climate Policy Support Programme, GIZ
  Concluding remarks on the forenoon session by Ajay Mathur, DG, TERI 12:50-13:00
  Session Close 13:00
In addition to the participants, there shall be two organizers from EESL/GIZ who will coordinate the event.

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