Friday 23 June 2017  IST
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Municipal Demand Side Management (MuDSM) – Water Pumping


The majority of Indian Municipality water pumping system and infrastructure is inefficient designed. Inefficiency persist in operation and maintenance. As a result, energy consumption of water pumping is high, and municipalities spend large amount of their revenue on purchasing energy for local public services.
The use of efficient pumping system can help in reducing the energy usage between 20 to 25%. For instance, replace the inefficient pumping system with energy efficient pumping system.
Benefits to Municipality
  • Reduced Energy consumption
  • Expand drinking water pumps in additional area
  • Easy to Control & Monitoring
  • Reduction in O & M cost
  • Enhanced Service Quality
  • Manage their network effectively & surplus energy to other needy area


Last updated on 23 Sep 2016