Friday 23 June 2017  IST
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          The MSME (micro, small & medium enterprises) sector is a major contributor to the Indian Economy. It accounts for about 45% of manufacturing output and 40% of exports. As per the Annual report of Ministry of MSME, Government of India, there are an estimate 28.9 million MSME units that generate and provide employment to 69.5 million persons. The fixed investment in these MSME in 2009-10 is Rs. 6938 billion and their output generation is Rs. 9829 billion, which is about 8.72 of India’s GDP.
Key objectives of the present government interventions are to:

          - Enhance training and capacity building programme including strengthening of training delivery institutions. Enhancing skills will also encourage faster generation of employment as a result of enhanced capacity for growth.

          - Promote adoption of clean and emerging technologies to not only reduce the energy intensity (and therefore increasing cost competitiveness) but also to upgrade the quality of output.

          - Encourage innovations through setting up of large number of business incubators in educational institutions of repute.

          - Promote market for efficiency and inclusion by promoting market based energy efficiency measures which are inclusive.

EESL SME Implementation Plan (SMEIP-E)

The key elements of SMEIP-E are:

          - Identification of commonly replicable technical interventions: SMEIP-E will assess and prioritize EE measures and best operational practices recommended that have wider applicability in the cluster.

          - Developing technical specifications of the identified interventions with identifications of EETP suppliers of the technical interventions.

          - Engagement with Cluster Association and SME units to enhance awareness on the significant energy and cost savings of the interventions.

          - Implementation of demonstration of identified technical interventions in one unit of the cluster.

          - Development of innovative financial instruments to reduce transaction costs of SME units to adopt the recommended technical intervention will be undertaken by SMEIP-E.

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