Friday 23 June 2017  IST
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  • EESL would be the implementing agency for ESCO projects in buildings / municipality or Urban Local Bodies (ULB).
  • Written consent from the building / facility owners / municipalities or ULB’s to be taken.
  • Based on the DPRs, if any, the baselines would be defined for each project under the Performance Contracting mode.
  • A tripartite agreement would be signed between the SDA, building / facility owner / municipality / ULB and EESL.
  • Reduction in electricity bills during the performance contract to be deposited to the State Designated Agencies (SDA’s) as per the third party M&V recommendation.
  • To the extent of capital investment, equal monthly installments to be paid to EESL by the SDA, as part of the contract.
  • After payment of capital investment, savings to be shared between the building / facility owner / Municipality / ULB and investor in the proportion agreed upon in the performance contract.
  • Monitoring &Verification (M&V) will be done by a third party and the cost of M&V will be capitalized under the project cost.


Last updated on 20 May 2014