Friday 23 June 2017  IST
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Capacity Building of SDAs
SDA’s are statutory bodies set up under section 15 of the Energy Conservation Act, 2001; at the state level to implement the Act. They are the nodal agencies at state level and need to coordinate and cooperate with BEE at the central level to ensure a smooth and speedy implementation of the Act in the country. SDA’s have an important role to play particularly in creating public awareness and enforcement of the EC Act,2001 at the grass root level. A National Productivity Council report points out that SDA’s have limited understanding about the energy efficiency sector as a whole and the scope & strategies for realization of energy conservation potential. This makes a strong case for training and capacity building at the State level. EESL can act as a resource centre and carry out following activities:
  • Training of all the SDA’s ( 2-3 programs per year)
  • To assist SDA’s in organizing training programs for all stakeholders at the state level
  • To organize regular training programs for personnel from various utilities.

Last updated on 19 Jun 2014