Friday 23 June 2017  IST
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- To carry out and promote the business of Energy Efficiency and climate change including manufacture and supply of energy efficiency services and products.

- To implement energy efficiency projects for Demand Side Measures including municipal functions, agriculture, public building, lighting etc.

- To implement schemes, programs and policies of central and state governments or its agencies.

- To carry out such other activities as offered by the Central Govt., State Govt., Bureau of Energy Efficiency or any other agencies related to the Energy Efficiency and      climate change.

- Partner with private ESCO’s and other companies to promote energy efficiency.

- To provide consultancy services in the field of CDM projects, Carbon Markets, Demand Side Management, Energy Efficiency, Climate change and other related areas.

- To identify and impart training to build the capacity of stakeholders.

- To act as a resource center in the field of Energy Efficiency and take up the activities of Capacity Building Training and other related activities. 

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