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Creating Energy Efficient India
Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) is promoted by Ministry of Power, Government of India as a Joint Venture company of four Central Power Sector undertakings viz. NTPC Ltd, PFC, REC, and Power Grid. EESL was set up to create and sustain markets for energy efficiency in the country. EESL works closely with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) and is leading the market related activities of the National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency (NMEEE), one of the 8 national missions under Prime Minister’s National Action Plan on climate change.

EESL Street Light Toolkit
Energy efficiency initiatives are at the heart of national policies that are conceived to promote energy security, reduce energy consumption and tackle climate change. With public lighting consuming about 8500 MU of electricity in 2012-13, energy efficient street lighting is poised to deliver substantial energy savings to Urban Local Bodies. Necessarily, BEE led interventions in 269 ULBs across 15 states to develop energy efficiency opportunities in Municipal sector. It was reported that retrofitting the entire conventional streetlights with LEDs could result in potential annual savings of 4300 million KWh, which is about 50% of total energy consumed. Furthermore, the operational optimization could lead to an additional 15-20% energy savings.

DELP Toolkit
DSM based Efficient Lighting Programme (DELP)
Domestic consumer’s account for almost 24% of the total electricity demand in the country. Major part of the energy consumption is used for lighting. A significant proportion of household lighting needs are met by use of incandescent bulbs, which are extremely energy inefficient as over 90% of electricity is wasted as heat. Promoting efficient lighting in household sector can reduce the electricity consumption by as much as 50 billion kWh every year at national level. This will also benefit the consumers by way of reduced electricity expenditure.

Technical Specs of 7W LEDs distributed under DELP programme

EESL Toolkit for AgDSM Project 


EESL Strategic Partnership Policy

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